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Transformative is a web based application that allows you to remix combinations of famously protected images (copyright) and those sourced from the public domain with share and share alike licenses (copyleft) in order to create something transformative.

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During my studies for this project, I learnt alot about the way in which copyright and other protection acts work, for the benefit of artists and creatives - but one thing which cropped up again and again was the way in which, often, the laws set in place, actually stifle creativity and are used as a method to unrightly hold assets for extended time periods and create revinue from "infringing" use of those assets. My goal in creating 'Transformative' was simply to challange the way in which copyright material could be used, and provoke a discussion.


The tool is a simple and playful execution of my ideas in a digital space. It allows the user to challange the current format of the law. It is created using the html5 canvas and open-source javascript plugins to build an interactive area for users to remix within. Watch the process video above to see how I went about rapid prototyping 'Transformative'.

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Shortly after building the tool, I built a custom wooden casing based around a touch screen, later presenting to the public at the 2015 Substance degree show, the response was beyond anything I could have expected, with many people using the tool and printing the results with the thermal printer I had installed.


It only seemed right that by disrupting these laws, I would in turn, show my commitment to questioning them. Therefore the full code to "transformative" is available through github. For you to build upon and re-use. If you have any questions about the project or ideas for improvement feel free to drop me an email.

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