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Substance 2015

As a year group we had decided that we wanted to promote ourselves as people in addition to our work - in order to stand out from the growing number of design students that graduate every year. We decided not to show any work, but instead to create an archive of objects that were personal to us. We picked five objects each and scanned them to a digital format, I was involved in the digital project from initial concept development, content gathering and front-end development. You can view the live website at:



The process of scanning these items into a digital format was a unique yet laborious process, each item was placed onto a scanner and covered so that a minimal amount of light would be allowed in. The process produced results that whilst varying slightly all carried the same aesthetic value; a washed out contour of the original object. An lasting imprint (if you will) of our personalities.


Once all the objects had been collected, we went about creating a gif for each student. These moving images where then maladapted using hover states and Javascript Boolean timers to create the effect that you see today.

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