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Resident Evil 7

Packaging one of the most exciting games of 2017 has been one of my more challenging tasks. Working alongside my peers at WTF Creative we created international packaging for a huge number of territories across the globe. Adapting a killer (excuse the pun) creative over Xbox One, PS4, PSVR & PC. Also designing a custom steelbook exclusive for GAME, and supporting materials such as beauty-shots and DLC materials.


The first stage of this project involved research into the franchise, competitors and horror as a genre. Next we set about creating a number of creative executions which nodded toward the key features of the game: The found footage style of the in-game visuals, the new first person view and less we forget, The horrific Baker family.


The second stage of the process was to roll out the creative to local territories, taking into account the typesetting for each language on back of pack and space saving techniques for multi-language editions. A keen eye was important to check legal's, disk label codes, platform specific template requirements and developer logos across a huge amount of packaging.

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