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London by Design

During my time working with Kin I was lucky enough to be involved with this audio visual project for the London Transport Museum. The brief set us the task of re-designing the moving graphic elements projected into the "Design for Travel" space in the heart of the museum and takeover the floor beneath the visitors feet. By digitally archiving a large amount of the precious content (held in the museum depot) we where able to create a rich experience which complimented the exhibition without overpowering it.

My Role

My main role during this project was to archive much of the content held at the LTM Depot working alongside other members of the team - This involved setting up photo-shoots, scanning, file-management and retouching content. Beyond this, as a team we where tasked with organising content into 6 categories and prepping for animation.


During the project I created a series of animations to test the limitations of the space and explore possible graphical styles that could enrich the content we had collected. I went on to animate sequences which were triggered by visitors opening the drawers within the space, creating the illusion of content spilling out.

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