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Command + New

Command New is a handmade publication which outlines the milestones of graphic design software. It documents the evolution of Ivan Sutherland's sketchpad software up to the tools we know and love today. The design aims to mimic the feeling of using each program through layout and composition. The book also highlights key insights by interviewing practitioners from different eras to gain a perspective on what it was actually like to use these programs; what made them great as well as the limitations certain pieces of software had.

Screen to Paper

The book took form by thinking about each signature as a new milestone in the development of the software, basing the size of the page on the screen resolution of the native machine used to run it. The layout of each section was also restricted to what the particular preprogrammed functions allowed.


In 2015 the publication was put forward to the International Society of Typographic Designers and was later accepted as a successful entry. My ISTD profile is available to view here.

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