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The Bait Box

The Bait Box is a (hypothetical) high-end Fish and Chip provider. The way it differentiates itself from others is through a "Catch us if you can" ethos, which encourages customers to use social media to keep track of where the pop-up restaurant is located. The design takes inspiration from the language of shipment which is closely associated to fishing and the idea of brand that is always moving. This combination of trade typography and a more traditional British fish & chip aesthetic is what gives The Bait Box such a unique finish.


The ethos of the pop-up fish & chip provider is to use only sustainable ingredients and processes. Be that: the shipping container which the restaurant is housed inside, the of cuts of herring and Pollock used to create the signature fish dishes or the recycled oil that is used to fry it.


To apply a digital edge to the proposal, I created an app which would allow the Bait Box to be tracked via social media using unique codes, inspired by the language of shipment, and shared by the restaurant itself.

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